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Knoops Mediation en Conflictbemiddeling


Over more then 30 years we are delivering services in the private sector, industry and lawyers regarding maintenance obligation (alimonies), workplace absenteeism, fraud, gathering evidence, etc.
The increasing demand for information and taking of evidence in our judicial system creates the necessity to make use of professional agencies.
The combination of specialized research techniques, advanced means and methods and modern communication tools makes Knoops I.D.D. a professional organization which acts worldwide with a team of experts.
All tasks are carried out according to Dutch and international law.
Service, flexibility and reliability are the key words for our organization.

Knoops I.D.D. is , registered by the Dutch Data Protection Authority (0014352) and Customs Administration of the Netherlands (0179523).
We always have the intention to start with an orientating interview before sending a quotation. If not possible the information can be sent by e-mail or fax.

A fair advice will be given; it has to be an added value for you as customer which could mean sometimes that we will refer to another company or institute instead of making a quotation.
In case we can offer you a solution, we will start with a plan which describes the process and the method(s) we will use. The total costs (hours, rates, etc.) will be discussed so that you know on beforehand what you can expect.

After we went through the General Terms of Business we make a contract and when you agree, we will directly start with the investigation.
After the investigation we will provide you a report which can be used at judicial authorities.
We help our customer with offering a complete solution for their problems. Service, flexibility and reliability are the key to success.

For small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) we have a dedicated service package, see also our “Specialties“ for more information.